Basic proofreading

Your guide for spellings and grammar

Spellings and grammar form the foundation of a research document. An innovative point and worthwhile research can lose its impact if the document is strewn with spelling and grammatical errors. When a reviewer is going through a dissertation with attention, even a minor error in spelling can prove to be a disturbance and mar the comments that he is about to give. The chances of having wrong spellings get enhanced in an academic research, since there are many technical terms and you are also quoting from other sources. When you are exploring a new subject, you might encounter many terms which you are not familiar with, and this makes it tough to get them right.

If you are a scholar in a reputed college in UK, grammatical errors will not be tolerated at all. The instructors and reviewers expect you to be perfect with the language. Here are some pitfalls which you may encounter:

  • Improper grammar and syntax
  • Wrong tenses and voice
  • Verbs and adverbs that do not match
  • Lack of structural cohesion and logical flow
  • Use of wrong citation or referencing style
  • Casual language and phrases
  • Use of jargons without requisite explanation
  • Typographical errors and wrong punctuations
  • Formatting errors, related to spacing, margins, etc.

Scholars who have English as their second language find it even more challenging to get the grammar correct. When you opt for our basic proofreading service, we make sure that there is not a single grammatical mistake, or wrong spelling in the document that you submit for review.

Since this is a basic check, it can be completed in 2-3 days time. Thus, it is ideal if you want to get your research document checked at the last moment. This can be followed by a comprehensive editing service if you want further value addition to the document.